Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad

Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad

Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad

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Who else is loving this summer weather?  I don’t know if it’s the heat or the fresh produce in the store, but something about summer makes me want to eat lighter!  I tend to over-buy in the produce department during the summer and salads are such a great way to use up that produce.  Today I’ve got a Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad for you!  This salad is great for a nice, hearty lunch or dinner…I love to serve mine with grilled garlic bread for a light and filling meal!

Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad
Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad

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Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad

A light, yet hearty salad for those nights when you just don't want to turn on the oven!

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword dinner recipes, Super Duper Cobb Salad
Servings 2


  • 2 breasts Chicken, boneless and skinless grilled
  • 4 slices Turkey Bacon baked crisp
  • 3 cups Sweet Baby Lettuce or your favorite lettuce blend
  • 1/2 pint Cherry Tomatoes halved
  • 1/2 English Cucumer Sliced then cut into quarters
  • 1/2 Avocado sliced
  • 2 Eggs Hard boiled
  • 1/4 cup Cheddar Cheese shredded
  • Salad Dressing I use Panera Bread Balsamic Vinaigrette


  1. 1) Heat your grill to medium high. While grill is heating, rinse chicken under cold water and blot dry.  If your breast is uneven in thickness, wrap in plastic wrap and pound to an even thickness.  Salt and pepper both sides of your raw chicken.  When grill is heated, grill chicken until completely cooked through. Cooking times will vary based on the thickness of the chicken breast.

    2) Place a small pot of cold water and your eggs on the stove.  Turn burner on high to get your water to a rolling boil and get those eggs cooking!  When the water is boiling, cover the pot and turn off the heat.  Let sit 15-20 minutes to let your eggs cook. See notes for the handy egg time we use to boil our eggs!

    3) While chicken is on the grill, and the eggs are being prepared, bake turkey bacon strips in an oven or toaster oven.  We use our toaster oven instead of heating the entire oven, but an oven will work perfectly if you don't have a toaster oven.  Make sure you make your bacon crispy!  When bacon is done, blot and set aside to cool.

    4) Wash and dry all of your produce.  I love my salad spinner to wash my lettuce, then I use the basket to rinse our tomatoes, too! 

    5) Divide the lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado between two large plates.  Dice chicken into bite size pieces and place on top of the salad.  Top with cheese, bacon bits and your favorite dressing! Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

  • Hard boiling eggs can be tricky.  We received a handy little hard boiled egg timer that goes into the pot with the eggs and turns colors to tell you the egg is done.  You can find your egg timer here
  • The nice thing about this recipe is that it can be prepared in steps.  If you're anything like me putting together dinner needs to be done in small steps, or within 15 minutes or less.  For this recipe I'll hard boil my eggs during the kid's naps and store in the fridge.  If I have additional time I'll also grill the chicken and store in the fridge.  You can cut up the tomatoes and cucumber in advance as well.  I wouldn't cut up the avocado in advance or it may brown.  If you prep this in advance it'll come together in a cinch come dinner time!
  • This is similar to the salad spinner we use.  It is perfect for our small family!

Have you tried this Super Duper Delicious Cobb Salad?  I really hope you love it!  Please comment below!

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