Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Toddlers!

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How are you?  I’ve been crazy in the thick of the holidays as I’m sure you are!  I was (mostly) done with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving – yep, I’m THAT girl – but over the past week I realized I really wasn’t!  I started getting nervous that gifts for Baby A and Baby G weren’t evenly purchased, then realized that there were additional people on our list that I hadn’t accounted for.  You know, I’m sure these are the things some of you are facing as well…and this is why the holidays are stressful!  Do you happen to be looking for gifts for toddlers?

As I was going through my gifts for the kids, I realized this may be a helpful posts for those of you who aren’t quite finished shopping yet – whether or not it is your own child, I feel like toddlers can be a little tough to shop for!  I’ve been keeping a list on my phone for a couple of months now in preparation for the “What would Baby A like for Christmas?” or “What is Baby G into now?”  🙂  Hopefully I was able to help our family a little bit!

I’ve rounded up the gifts I KNOW toddlers will love!  And most of these ideas will work for either a boy or girl!  I tend to buy things that are gender neutral, but know that they’ll end up playing with whatever catches their eye that day.  Luckily a lot of these gifts can be found at Wal Mart or Amazon so you should be able to get them within 2 days with free shipping or even in store pick up!  Read on to see some toddler gift ideas!  Happy shopping!

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Coloring Supplies

This is one of the best gifts around for my children.  They love to color, draw and create!  If you have a toddler or preschooler – or know one – I’m pretty sure they likely do as well.  Crayons, markers, colored pencils, coloring books, stickers, construction paper, child scissors are all amazing choices for kids!  They also have these Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring books.  Let me tell you, these are AWESOME!  Your child can color their favorite characters or make a creation all their own with the color wonder paper.  The best part?  No mess!  Wal-Mart definitely has some of the best deals I’ve seen, so head on over and check them out!

Picasso Tiles or Magna-Tiles

Do your kiddos love playing with blocks and getting those creative juices flowing?  Have you seen Picasso Tiles or Magnatiles yet?  These things are AMAZING!  They allow you to build 3-D structures with endless possibilities.  Plus there are expansion packs and little accessories you can buy to add on to your collection (great ideas for other holidays and birthdays! ;-))  Baby A and Baby G always play with these at their cousin’s house every time we are there, and their cousins have literally used these for YEARS and still use them daily.  It’s such a cool toy, even the adults love it!  They are a little pricier, but given you can use them for years it is well worth the investment if you have little builders in your home!



I can’t say enough about games.  They are fun, allow for creativity, are educational…there is so much opportunity here!  With Baby A in Preschool now, I’m looking for even more fun ways to further opportunities for her to sharpen her skills.  I also look at it as a great way for us to help Baby G start to learn, too!  A couple of the games the kids are receiving this year may be oldies, but they are goodies!  Count Your Chickens, Hi Ho Cherry-O and Lucky Ducks are what will be under our tree this year!  Counting, shape and color recognition while learning and having fun!?  Sounds like a great time to me!

Car Play Mat and Matchbox Cars

I think this is literally the gift I’m most excited for!  Recently we  started this thing where the kids each get a Matchbox car every time we go to the grocery store.  I now cringe because at the time it was “ok, this is only $1” but that kind of adds up!  We may be doing a Matchbox car every other week or every month going forward!  I digress, but let me say how much my kids are loving these cars!  They race them on the floor in the kitchen, swap them back and forth, it keeps them busy for quite a while!  So I guess it’s kind of worth the investment…

Scrolling through Matchbox cars and different toys, I’d remembered seeing a Car Play Mat at someone’s house.  It was really cute and had little roads and buildings printed on the mat…so it got me thinking how perfect that would be for my littles!  I found this one from Melissa and Doug and I can’t wait for the kids to open it on Christmas morning along with the Matchbox set of cars!  I’m thinking this is going to be one of the top gifts at my house this Holiday season!  Plus this is a totally gender neutral gift!  I know Baby A LOVES playing with Matchbox cars

Tent and Camping Set

Are you looking for a unique idea for your toddler?  An indoor tent will surely check the unique box for sure!  On Baby A’s second Christmas I got her an adorable pink and white tent and it was a total hit!  She loves to lay in there and snuggle and read…so on Baby G’s second Christmas guess what he’s getting?  A tent!  He loves Baby A’s, but it can get a little cramped with our family of four so I found an adorable tent to match his room/the play room!  Here’s a similar tent to the one I got!

What goes better with a tent than a campfire?  Baby A has been pretending to have campfires lately so I found this Camping Out Set by Learning Resources!  I’m so excited for the camp outs we will have in our home…especially on the snow days we will inevitably have!

 I hope that helps!  Just a few ideas for that toddler and preschooler on your list that may be a little hard to buy for.  These are great for any holiday or birthday that may be coming up!

Do you have any other ideas for toddler gifts?  Please leave a comment below!  Happy Holidays!

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