Pumpkin Patch

Fall Family Fun and Bonding Time


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I love the Fall, it is by far my favorite season!  There’s something about Harvest time that just gives me the warm and fuzzies all over!  Last year we were basically sick from mid-October through April, so needless to say Baby G’s first Fall was a bust, so this year we are trying to make up for it with lots of Fall Family Fun!

Apple Picking



A couple of weeks back we decided it was a perfect Fall day to head out and go apple picking.  The last time we went, Baby A had just started walking and it was such a sweet sight!  She was toddling all over and eating her fair share of apples…now this year Baby G is in that same stage.  It is completely and utterly adorable!

Baby G Happy Boy in Orchard

I loved the age he was at last year – just barely 6 months – but this year his little personality is taking center stage.  Also, Baby A is growing into SUCH an amazing big sister that my heart just melts every time they are together (and not fighting for the same toy, seat, etc!).  It was a very hard adjustment for me to go from one baby to two (they were just about 20 month apart) and last year went by in such a blur.  I was reminded over and over how I’d be thrilled when they were older, and we’re slowly entering that time now.

Kids Running in Orchard

I don’t know about yours, but my children ADORE being outside.  The mere mention of it and they are both at the garage door clamoring to head out.  It is a wonderful thing, too, because I also LOVE being outside!  I feel like, as a family, we enjoy spending time together doing things that are outdoors.  The apple orchard we visit is just that, an apple orchard.  No pomp and circumstance, just plain old apples.  There’s plenty of time later on to enjoy the places with hayrides, apple cider donuts and all the other fun, but for now I enjoy walking rows and rows of apple trees with my littles.  If you haven’t tried an orchard like this I highly recommend it!  It is so amazing to be with your children in nature, doing something so enjoyable as a family!

Mommy with Kids Orchard

Needless to say we had a blast and the kids were exhausted by the end of the day!  When we went to leave I was shocked that we’d picked 14 pounds of apples!  What to do with all of those apples?  We made an amazing apple crisp for a family gathering the following weekend!  Need a great recipe?  This Easy Apple Crisp Recipe with Oats from Inspired Taste was amazing…our whole family loved it!

Homemade-Apple-Crisp-Recipe Inspired Taste

Pumpkin Picking

Ahhhh, pumpkin picking!  Another Fall family fun favorite.  In New England we love our Harvest time and no Fall would be complete without a good old trip to the farm for some pumpkins.  In stark contrast to the rows of apples we’d previously visited, we made our way on over to a local farm for an afternoon of fun!  This farm was fantastic and kept the kids entertained for so long.  They had a corn maze, animals, a Pirate ship, hayrides, and pumpkin painting!  Everything was so much fun and so affordable!

Baby G Pumpkin Patch

The kids had a blast running around to all of the different activities and were ready to drop by the time we left.  I was ready to drop by the time we left!  😉  We had so much fun that we vowed to make this an annual trip with the kids!

Baby A is really coming into her own and is so excited for Halloween this year!  She has already informed me she’d like to be Sofia the First for Halloween.  She is literally an elephant and doesn’t forget a thing…Halloween is no exception!  She remembers the candy she received last year and how much fun she had collecting it!  So seeing things reminiscent of Halloween upped the fun factor a million percent!  She was super happy for the Broom Ride – plus it was a really cute photo op!

Baby A Broom Ride

This farm has it all together!  Another big hit with Baby A was the pumpkin painting!  Painting is one of her favorite activities, combine it with an orange canvas and she was thrilled!  Plus, the activity was really cheap and kept her entertained for a solid 20 minutes.

Baby A Pumpkin Painting

There was one very impressive gourd was at this farm, let me tell you.  This thing was ENORMOUS!  I was seriously sad last year when we didn’t take Baby G to a pumpkin patch (as we’d done for Baby A her first Fall), but I’m thinking this picture more than makes up for last year’s lack of one!  (I know he did a great job hiding his hands, but Daddy was holding him from behind!  If you look really closely you can see!)

Baby G on Big Gourd

Our last stop on this trip was the “pumpkin patch”.  There were so many beautiful pumpkins it was SO HARD to pick one – we ended up with two, and a couple mini pumpkins!

Pumpkin Room

We’ve had so much Fall family fun this year doing, well, Fall things!  It’s been such an amazing bonding time for our family and I’m so grateful to share these experiences with them – and you!  Both experiences couldn’t have been more different – but unbelievably wonderful in their own right.  I truly hope you are able to find some fun and affordable places near you!

Are there any other Fall family fun activities or traditions in your family?  Please leave comments below!  Happy Fall everyone!

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